Thank you for making my life so special the dental treatment & experience .Your hands have blessed my teeth in giving a new life with a beautiful smile. I am very comfortable with the denture you made for me and I can eat everything with it. My facial appearance has glowed by denture treatment & by whitening my teeth. Heartiest congratulations on your opening ceremony for your new clinic.

- Mrs Ruta Gawand
My association with Dr. Angira as a professional collegue has been since January 2006. I have always known her as an honest, sincere and hardworking girl since her dental school days, but her exemplary skills as a dentist, her penchant quest to learn the recent advancements in dentistry and her amazing ability to make even complex situations look simple, can boldly make me state that she is an asset to any dental clinic.

- Dr. Rajesh Iyer (Root canal specialist)
Dr. Angira is known to me from the days of her internship term at D.Y.Patil College of Dentistry. She struck me as an individual who is never satisfied with the information she has and is always thirsting for more. She joined our clinic, Le Visage, as an Observer for several months. During this tenure, the information imbibed and implemented in procedural protocol was commendable. She completed her internship and joined the extensive course on Aesthetic & cosmetic Dentistry. She completed the course  successfully and implemented her newly gained knowledge effectively at the practices she joined. She was even lauded by her superiors on this aspect. She has since enhanced her skills and knowledge levels and even has a publication in a dental journal to her credit. A sincere worker with integrity of thought & extremely pleasant demeanour, she would be an asset to any practice she joins. I wish her every possible success in her career and also wish for peace and happiness in her personal life as I have come to know her as a warm, caring & affectionate person.
-Dr. Mona Kakar ( Cosmetic dentist and root canal specialist)
All my lower teeth was worn out and become very small, so I had difficulty in eating food. Also, I had started noticing some pain and discomfort near my ear while opening and closing my mouth. Sometimes the  pain was teriffic (uncontrollable). I was worried.  So, I finally decided to visit my dentist Dr Angira Tendulkar for check up. She did a comprehensive check up of all my teeth and my jaw opening, accompanied with multiple dental x rays of my teeth. She explained to  me in very simple words about the wearing of my teeth and the effect it was causing on my jaw opening. We decided to go ahead with the treatment and my full lower teeth were restored by building up their height with help of few root canals and multiple tooth coloured caps. Its been over 5 years now that my treatment is over and I am very comfortable with my newly built teeth. Now I feel absolutely comfortable while eating. There's absolutely no pain now. I am happy that I can eat hard things without any pain and worry.
-Ajay Rege ( Accountant at Eureka Forbes)
Dr. Angira is an extremely competent doctor who has removed all my inhibitions of sitting on that dreaded chair. I'm a chronic dental patient who has regular yearly visit to dental clinics. When I started my treatment from Dr.Angira and she gave me LA, I said to myself that I'm in the safe hands. As the treatment of my four problematic teeth progressed, I as a layman realized her God-given potential in the dental field, she is a woman of possibilities, of unthinkable, in her quest for perfection. I being phobic about dental treatment without a shot of LA but to my surprise she brought me out of this fright by treating me without LA, many a times, this boosting, this comfort zone, this touch of care and attention was given by none other than Dr. Angira. As I had to go on a tour and we had very few days in our hand left, I appreciate the sheer concern of Dr Angira to adjust my appointments according to my convenience which according to today's dental practice trend is out of the box service given to the patient. She even suggested precautionary measures to be taken for protecting my teeth which again shows her concern post treatment too. From this I conclude that in my heart Dr.Angira has heralded a pattern of success, a vignette for her future, she would be dominant in her field yet remain humble, she would be seen all conquering yet remain susceptible. Undoubtedly, Dr. Angira Tendulkar, will have a bright future and she's going to carve a niche in her profession.  All The Best.

- Mrs. Vrushali Nachane (Co-ordinator P.E.S.Eng.Med. High School & Junior College, Thane(E)
I still remember the day I had interviewed her for the post and was really amazed by her confidence, both in the subject and her attitude. Before joining our dental office she had kept herself abreast with the latest in dentistry by attending various hands on courses and lectures on various subjects like aesthetic dentistry, implants, prosthetic dentistry and endodontics. Later she proved her mettle by being a skilful and a concerned clinician. She used to always think from patient’s point of view and go out of her way to help them and relive them out of their trouble. The patients felt absolutely comfortable with her and were more than willing to get treated from her. As a learner she was very quick and also displayed high intellect. This, along with her perseverance made her and excellent and thinking dentist. She has also managed clinic single handedly many a times with ease. Impossible word was never found in her dictionary and she displayed a very positive attitude. Along with her radiating personality, she is also a wonderful cook and does have an ear for music too. Above all she is a great human being with values and I am sue she would be an asset to any organization. It was really nice being associated with her and wish her luck for her future.
- Dr. Rajeev Bhandare
This is to inform you that, the service level that you have render is much more than the satisfactory. I am quite happy to say that the Treatment that i got from your side has made me happy & much more comfortable than before. I will definitely advise my friend ,my family to visit your clinic for any kind of tooth issues.
Thank you once again.. GOD BLESS YOU.

-Sadhana ( College student)
Dr. Angira Tendulkar at the entrance of her clinic
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